Apply For Credentials

Email us:

*Please note the press credential application process has changed, so please read the following guidelines carefully.*

Note: In the subject line, please state your outlet and the type of credential you’re applying for.

ALL PRESS/MEDIA Must now request Press Credentials via email. This is a two-step process, both of which are REQUIRED for consideration.

The final deadline to apply for press credentials is WEDNESDAY, August 9, 2013. Walk-up requests for press credentials will NOT be granted. Your application is not considered complete until receipt of your letter of assignment. Please allow BAPC 14 complete business days to consider your request.


STEP 1: Please be prepared to provide all of the following information:

* What type of credential you wish to be considered for (Music, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine, Video, Interactive)

* The type and focus of the planned coverage and the length of each piece

* The primary market and target audience for the coverage

* When the coverage will be published or broadcast (i.e. pre-event, timed to event, post-event)

* How long your publication/website/program has been in business

* Recent published/broadcast coverage written or produced by you with an attached byline, link and date


STEP 2: Please submit a written letter of assignment from your editor on company letterhead or from an identity-verifiable email address stating the name of the journalist(s) assigned to attend and details the type and focus of the planned editorial coverage.

* If you are a freelance writer, you must be on assignment from a publication and provide an official letter of assignment.

* Spec photography, portfolio photography, and personal website photography are not valid assignments.